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Established 11-28-04 is located in Magalia, California @ 2600' elevation

Magalia (Dogtown) history HERE

Town of Paradise home page HERE

Ridge Emergency Preparedness Plan HERE

Local Magalia info can be heard on 1460 kHz AM radio, Paradise on 1500kHz AM

Member of CWOP and

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Equipment: Davis Vantage Vue weather station ~ Weatherview 32 v.7 software


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Updated: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 07:26 AM


The weather system which brought rain and winds to Magalia on Monday didn't bring the amount of rain which was predicted to, but still brought 1.67" to this location. Rainfall ended shortly after 7pm. Winds were quite strong, especially last night, where we saw a peak gust of 22 mph at 9:50 pm at this location. The True Value Hardware store saw a peak wind gust of 31 mph. The winds brought a power outage to this location last night at some point. The high on Monday reached 47°, and the low was 43°.


This morning has seen winds continue to be gusty at times, but have backed down a bit since last night. There was a 20 mph gust this morning at 12:08 am, but is running closer to 5-10 mph near sunrise. The low temperature so far has been 42°, and has been running about 4° cooler than 24 hours ago.


Today should see some convective rain showers continue behind last night's cold front, with some showers possibly being heavy at times. A small area of low pressure should pass through Nor-Cal today and help to increase atmospheric instability. There is a 75% chance of measurable precipitation through this afternoon, dropping back to a 65% chance by late afternoon into the evening, and a 50% chance by late tonight. Snow levels are at about 4300' this morning, but may drop to near 3500' tonight. The afternoon high is predicted to reach about 47°, and a low tonight near 38°. Winds should be mostly out of the south up to 23 mph this morning, but gradually dropping to about 7 mph tonight.


Wednesday could prove to be an interesting day as the snow level may dip into upper Magalia by the afternoon as a chilly northwesterly flow will be over us. There is only a 35% chance of snow near 2800' during the afternoon, but snow levels are predicted to rise up to near 3000' by late afternoon into the evening hours. Snow is hard to predict and can surprise us at times, and for now, the atmosphere appears to be a bit moisture-starved while the snow level is into Magalia. Late Wednesday night could see the snow level dip back to 2200', and possibly drop to near 1300' by Thursday morning. Winds on Wednesday look to generally be light and variable. The temperature Wednesday afternoon is forecast at a chilly 42°, and the low Wednesday night near 30°.


Thursday may see a continued chance of snow showers, but only a slight 10% to 15% chance is currently predicted. A 1300' snow level during the morning hours may rise to near 2300' by the afternoon, then back to 1900' late night into early Friday morning. The high is forecast at 42°, and the low Thursday night near 28°. Friday and Saturday should see a continuance of the chilly weather and a slight chance of snow showers in Magalia. Sunday could see continued precipitation chances, but a slightly warmer air mass could raise the snow level to near 3200'. There is better than even odds of precipitation on Sunday. Some snow could fall in Magalia Sunday morning, but revert to rain by the afternoon, if the current forecast comes true. Another chilly air mass could bring a chance of snow showers for next Monday into at least early Tuesday. It has been a rather strange weather year here in Magalia, but I like it! Have a goof Tuesday. Bob



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